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Book Deal Done For Hollywood Insider Nikki Finke - Yahoo News

"Whenever we publish," Jonathan Karp told the New York Times , "the book will be an event." That comment can be set against the backdrop of site web Finke's achievements -- founding Deadline in 2006, selling it in a deal worth up to $15m here. in 2009 -- as well as this week's earlier emergence of an anti-Finke website, NikkiStink.com , that published candid photos, video, quotes and abrasive character statements in a brief but vitriolic campaign against the Hollywood news mogul. Finke left Deadline in 2013 after its owner, Penske Media Corporation, purchased competing outlet Variety, and she began posting to NikkiFinke.com in June 2014. That stopped on August 11, leading to speculation about what lay behind the silence -- ongoing negotiations with her previous employer, it was said. Evidently, there had been other things going on behind the scenes, and Anne Thompson of IndieWire called it on August 25 when she predicted a possible return. "The millionaire blogger could come back, if she so desires," she said, "and write online about topics other than Hollywood, if she or anyone else were interested. Or write for magazines (she has met with Graydon Carter [of Vanity Fair]). Or kim kardashian pic finish her book." That was before Finke dropped hints about a relocation via her recently revitalized Twitter account, @nikkifinke .
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/book-deal-done-hollywood-insider-nikki-finke-144235180.html

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