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Sesame Street 45th Anniversary: Top Celebrity Guest Stars

Replay http://dariusanza.soup.io SHARE Feist Feists 1234 served a couple of purposes after its initial release as a single. First, it turned out to be a perfect ditty for selling iPod Nanos. And after that, Sesame Street repurposed visit website it to teach kids how to count. At least, to four. Feists comfort on set with counting chickens and penguins is likely due to her teen years apprenticing at Calgarys Old Trout Puppet Theater, whose puppetry she later used in her music video for Honey Honey. Replay SHARE Janelle Monae The Tightrope singers visit to Sesame Street in reference 2013 brought some soul to the set. Donning her usual uniform a tailored tuxedo with hair piled neatly atop her head Monae sang The Power of Yet, encouraging the puppets to keep working toward their goals. She told Billboard that performing on the show was living a dream; having grown up in the late 80s and 90s, Monae likely spent her childhood watching the show. Replay SHARE Johnny Cash Johnny Cashs 1975 childrens album, aptly named The Johnny Cash Childrens Album, may not be one of the country icons most famous, but it did help land him an appearance on the fifth season of Sesame Street.
Source: http://time.com/3575250/memorable-celebrity-cameos-sesame-street/

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