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Brimfield Police Chief Announces Retirement - 19 Action News|cleveland, Oh|news, Weather, Sports

WOIO logo I expect them to be nice to citizens, regardless of circumstances. What you all are seeing now are some disgruntled people who are taking shots at me and have been since the FB page got bigger. Two are current employees, free kim kardashian video some I have more info fired in the past and some just hate me because of my personality. Whatever the reason, they are out in force, like vultures, enjoying the scene. To the people of Brimfield- kim kardashian home thanks for some home page great times. I love the students and teachers at the schools and a whole bunch of the residents. Thanks for being a a part of a wonderful veteran's parade and all of the other fantastic community events we have held.
Source: http://www.19actionnews.com/story/27866973/brimfield-police-chief-announces-retirement

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